Male or female? 


Male's, I love them, and if neutered, they can get along famously 
with each other their whole lives. Only stud dogs can get touchy 
with each other although I have some of those that can be with 
each other all the time, unless a female is in season.  

Fifty years ago when females were not routinely spayed, males were 
considered more desirable. Few families wanted females......"all those 
male dogs hanging around twice a year"! etc. Then Spaying became 
routine, and now most people think a female is the better choice. 
Actually, both make equally satisfactory pets. A neutered male does
not "mark" inside or out if he is neutered at the appropriate age, 
nor does he exhibit other undesirable characteristics many associate 
with male dogs. Many breeders feel the male is more affectionate and
more attuned to you. Many females tend to be a bit more independent. 
Most breeders will expect you to spay or neuter your pet , both as a 
preventive health procedure and to prevent future breeding so in 
effect the become rather sexless in habits. 

Which Puppy?                                

When you find a breeder you respect, spend time discussing your 
family and your lifestyle, and then trust your breeder to pick a 
puppy for you. The breeder has spent weeks or months with the 
puppies and knows their personality and temperament. The reputable 
breeder wants you to have the puppy that best suits you, and with 
which you will be happy. If you aren't happy the breeder knows the 
puppy won't be happy, either. (Most reputable breeders require 
unwanted puppies be returned to them.)  

Most breeders do not sell puppies younger than 10 weeks of age, and 
many will not sell a puppy under 12 weeks. or even older, depending 
on the new owner's living arrangements and lifestyle. If your breeder
suggests that an older puppy or even a young adult would be better 
for you, keep an open mind  and consider the possibility.  Breeders sometimes have puppies  that are older.....six, eight, or tem months. These have often been  reserved by the breeder as potential show prospects. These older  puppies will be housetrained much sooner than a very young puppy. 

In some circumstances an adult dog, possibly already housetrained, 
may be available. Most dogs are very adaptable to new circumstances 
and quickly make themselves part of their new family, enabling those 
who could not raise a puppy to have the company of the canine right
for them.  

So, male or female?  Allow the breeder to help you make that decision.