If your pup needs delivered, depending on location, we will either auto or air deliver. The DELIVERY FEE is based on a per situation, person and location basis. Delivery Fee must be paid in full 3 days prior to travel.  My pups are only handed over to buyer by me or my husband.  I do not send proxies or delivery companys or any other delivery service. I require personal face to face contact with buyer.

Delivery by me is EXCEPTIONAL!  I choose to hand deliver so I can take special care of my babies along the way.  I want to make sure they are not frightened by strangers, unusual places, or exposed to unneeded unhealthy things.  I want my babies to be able to eat, drink, and play as they travel.   I greatly enjoy getting  to meet each buyer, I can answer questions face to face, and we feel like family.  Your puppy will also arrive with a complete kit including carrier. 

This type of delivery definitely beats shipping with airlines in cargo and chancing any health problems your pup may arrive with, scared puppies, injuries your pup may experience before or during flight, long layovers, canceled flights that leave pup stranded, unexpected overnights in airports for your pup, messy poopy crates and puppy at pick up, etc. etc etc.

FEES... If airline shipping, the fee is $400 depending on flights and I will personally meet you at the airport.  I will make your puppy as prepared as possible and will include all his paperwork with him.  This type of delivery may take 2 weeks notice to plan ahead. If buyer is wanting air delivery sooner than 2 weeks, it is definitely possible, but fee may be more $.      If auto delivery is chosen, the fee is $1 per mile.  Your pup will be delivered  within 30 miles of your home at an agreed upon meeting point.  Your pup will arrive with his puppy kit and all appropriate paperwork.  Again, I myself will be handing puppy over to you personally.  I believe this is proper care of puppy.  Alot of times, this is the desired form of delivery due to the fact it is easier on pup. That is something we do not generally know until very close to delivery date.  PLEASE, if you have any questions regarding delivery, ASK!






Delivery fees must  be received a minimum of 3 days prior to travel.  Less than 3 days will cause a delay of approx 2 weeks travel.  Fees can be paid either by Venmo or PAYPAL.  If you have any questions, PLEASE ASK!